DIY Chair Makeover

This DIY was probably the easiest project yet, the cheapest project yet, and also my favorite project yet – winning? I think so.

It all started with this hidious chair from the Salvation Army – I saw $2.99 and couldn’t pass it up! It was also 1/2 price through the whole store that day so yes, it came in at a whopping $1.50. My next thought was fabric, but I just didn’t have the energy to go to the fabric store, so I checked out some of the large patterned shirts. I came across a Charter Club XL button down, it was perfect! It was also only $5.99 with half off, so I walked out with my fabric and chair in hand for a whole $4.50.

I began by taking off the seat and ripping all the fabric off. The chair was ancient so the fabric just peeled right off.

I sanded that puppy down, but the chair had been finished and refinished again and again so it didn’t need much. The chair took two coats of spray paint – I already had the color I wanted however even if I had to add this to the total cost we’re only talking an extra $3.50. The wait for the paint to dry was what made this project take the longest, time actually invested was probably about 30 minutes.

I then stapled the shirt to the chair with a staple gun (seriously best purchase ever). You can kind of tell in this picture, but I didn’t worry about even cutting the shirt prior to stapling. I just drapped it over and stapled away. Once it was on that’s when I took my scissors to it. This part literally took about 5 minutes, and that might even be an exaggeration.

Once the chair was dry I took liquid nails (aka wood glue) and glued the seat on. Yes I could have nailed it back together – but I’m all about easy and I already had the wood glue. And that was it! Total cost, $4.50 and I’m absolutely in love with it!

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