Side Table Update

I was on a hunt. I needed two side tables for my bedroom and I wasn’t ready to settle. I needed them to be identical, asymmetry is a big thing in the world that is my head. Another mandatory was a drawer, must have drawer. Soooo my search began, which proved harder then I thought – well hard for the price point I wanted to spend. I visited endless thrift shops, sourced what felt like the entire interweb, probably insulted some people on Craigslist with my prices… nothing. I refused to believe I needed to pay $100+ on ONE side table. I’ve been thrifting way to long to expect that when I need something it’s going to magically appear in my local Salvation Army. No, the moment I spend more then I want to and cave to the desperation, THAT’S when it shows up.

So the moral of the story, I paid a little more then I wanted to for these puppies, but I could go no longer with no table! The remotes had no home! I still feel like I got a good deal, they were $80 for the set… but I could have done better. I ended up buying them off of someone on one of those Facebook Local Tag Sale sites – which is a story in it’s own… but when I saw the picture I thought they were brown and thought not much work was going to have to be done. Low and behold – PINK! I love me some pink, but… no. The interaction of picking them up was so weird though that I wasn’t backing out of the sale… so I was stuck with two pink side tables and no good ideas.

Anyways, I digress – idea sparks, home depot calls, pinterest helps, and these babies were on their way.

So I started with two coats of primer which took two cans.

These tables had been painted, and painted again so i didn’t feel the need to sand. There was also was a weird texture that I thought was cool on the sides which I didn’t want to lose, so I hoped for the best and sprayed away.

Now guys, please hear me when i saw this, learn from my mistake… USE PRIMER! It saves you lives. Well not lives, but tons of time, your paint lasts longer, the color comes out they way you expect it to, JUST USE IT, okay? Okay, thanks.

Then, THEN, I remembered I had these two matching ugly lamps in the garage (remember? Asymmetry)! These were a total win, they were $3 for BOTH purchase I made at the Salvation Army like 3 months ago!

So I decided to do the lamps and the drawers the same color. Maybe a little matchy, matchy for some but I love.

Two coats of spray paint on the tables later and these were born! The hardest part of this whole project was getting these two upstairs, they were SO heavy! I may down the road get some fun knobs to add, but until then I’m still super happy with the way they came out.

Now if I would only hang the headboard that’s been done for 2 weeks now (I’m too cheap to buy the pieces I need to hang it – so I’m making excuses) then this room would really be coming together!

And there you have it!


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