DIY $30 Headboard

DIY $30 Headboard


Yes, I made that. Yes, it cost me $30. Yes, I’m quite pleased with myself.

Are you ready for the simplest project of-yo-life? Long story short, I saw a burlap headboard at Pier 1 and I fell in love. But then I saw the price tag and we broke up. Off to Pinterest!

What you’ll need:

2 packages of batting – $14 each with a 50% coupon (Joann’s) – $14 total

2 Yards White Burlap – $2.99 per yard

62×35 piece of plywood – $9.99

Buttons for the tufting – $1.99 x 2

Staple Gun

Place the plywood down on your batting and cut off any of the excess batting – leaving enough to staple tightly over the edges. Staple away, I went craaayyy on the staple gun. Mostly because I love me a staple gun.

The left image is with just one layer of batting. Round two: repeat.

The left image is two layers of batting, the right is when I put the burlap on. LIVE BY MY EXAMPLE – iron your fabric first please. I don’t have a steamer so getting that wrinkle out required a squirt gun and a blow dryer, not fun.

So, then that head board sat in my bedroom ALL WINTER… on the floor. The snow hit and I completely lost all motivation. So when I found the motivation this past weekend to finish it, in my haste I forgot to get my camera for the last steps. But in a nut shell I measured out where I wanted the tufting and marked it with sharpie. I stapled through burlap, through the batting and into the plywood. When all those staples were in, I just glue gunned the buttons on (trust me, they’ll stay) – BOOM, there you have it, $30 headboard!

Best part too is when I buy new bedding it’ll be incredibly easy to switch up the fabric!


So the hidden cost is I have no clue how much 2×4’s cost… But I seriously doubt the BF spent more then $10 total, otherwise I would have heard about it 🙂 He hung it by nailing two 2x4s into the back of the plywood, then drilling those pieces into our metal bed frame. Super simple… for him.

The original idea came from this blog on Pinterest: Dooley Noted


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