These are my business pants.

First, check out my pants! Target, on sale, $7.68, yup, that’s right, helloooo bargain!

So we had a, clearly, extremely serious business meeting at the studio last night. Kidding, we actually got a lot done, but there’s no harm in having fun while we wear our business socks right?

Anywho – I wanted to post this, pretty much because posting it makes me crazy supa-dupa nervous. Dancing – yup nervous. In public – you crazy? Online – OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND! But, we had so much fun, and it’s super cute, and shows how pretty the yoga room is at our studio! So I’m glad I grew a pair and got out there!

I’m trying to… I don’t think I’m in a shell… well, I think I’m in a “fake shell.” I try and act big, and confident, and outgoing – and I go through the motions, but often times it’s really uncomfortable. That being said, some of my FAVORITE moments come from situations that may not have happened had I not let myself get uncomfortable.

It was really interesting to hear someone who I look up to so much say the same thing last night in our meeting. They were saying how exhausted they were from putting on the “this is me” act, and trying to be this person that they thought everyone expected out of them. I saw and still see this person as strong, motivated and inspiring, and truthfully them telling me how hard it is for them to be that person all the time was kind of a relief. I was aspiring to be a little bigger, a little better, shine a littler brighter, when in reality – I’m big enough, I’m good enough, and I shine like a mother effing star, and so do you, and so does this person who made me internally look inside and realize that. My point is… do I have a point? Well, I guess it would just be “you never know.” You never know how someone feels, you never know how a situation is going to turn out, you never know who or HOW someone is listening, you just don’t know – so be kind, listen whole heartedly, and be freakin’ uncomfortable!


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