To clip-in or not to clip-in, is it even a question?

Why you should clip in


The infamous clip-in debate. Should I clip-in? Do I need to clip-in? Why should I clip-in? What the hell are you talking about clip-in?

I get asked this question almost every class – why should I buy the shoes? For anybody frugal like me, buying the shoes was the hardest part of getting into spinning for me. I know, that makes no sense. But, it’s really hard to buy something when what you have already works. My sneakers fit in the cages, why do I need special shoes? I’m going to explain why it’s worth the investment and how it’ll change your game!

I’m going to try and explain this the best I can, but in sneakers whether you notice it or not, the part of your body getting probably the most work out of it is your toes. Wtf Meira, your toes? Yup. So you stick your feet in those cages, you pull them in as tight as they can go, and you’re off. But do you trust those cages? Most people in sneakers are curling their toes the ENTIRE class without even noticing it… I’m pretty sure you didn’t just work out for 45 minutes to tone your toes, right?

On that same token, trust, if you’re always worried that your feet might be slipping out of the cages, you’re not truly pushing yourself to your true ability. When you’re clipped in, there’s no other way to put it – you’re clipped in. Your brain stops thinking “don’t forget about your feet” and goes straight to, “sh** my legs are on fire (the good kind).”

Have you ever heard your teacher yell “pull up!” and you want to yell “shut up!”? Haha, yeah me too. But, pulling up is an essential part of your ride that’s often missed in sneakers. When you’re pulling up in sneakers, your pushing your foot into the top of the cage, using that almost as a weight. When you pull up with clips, you’re pulling up from the bottom, so you get the resistance you could imagine from walking in quick sand… because we’ve all walked in quick sand before right? But I think you get the picture.

You have a stiff soul. Whoops, I mean sole. The bottom of spin shoes tend to be more firm, some even completely stiff, allowing you more balance. Balance = core = abs = WORTH IT!

So here you are – going to one, two, three, SEVEN, classes a week – you’ve made the investment in your body and your health, isn’t it time you made the investment in the right equipment?

If I need to make one final plea – people keep their cycling shoes for YEARS, and I mean I know people who have used the same shoes (just replacing the clips every so often) for 20+ years – name one other pair of shoes you’ve owned for 20 years? My point exactly. For $70 (give or take) your going to get more out of every ride, plus you feel like a badass in those shoes.

Have you bought the shoes? What has your experience been like? You think my next pair can look like this?:


I plan on writing about how to go about buying the shoes – where, which ones, etc – in another post, but if you have questions before hand please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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