Day Fifteen


Day 15:

As you may or may not have noticed, I skipped a day. My body was screaming “GO TO BED!” My abs were taunting, “Good luck sitting up tomorrow.” And my legs were laughing, “There’s no way you’re getting up those stairs tonight.” Needless to say, my body is obviously an ass hole, but I decided to listen.

What I found was, the guilt is real. I know you’re supposed to have rest days – and 15 days in a row is quite the feat, but I felt guilty. The advice that I would give to anyone else would be, “you’re doing great, don’t beat yourself up, everyone needs to take a break, breaks are good for your body!” But, I just felt bad.

On day 7 I was supposed to have a rest day, but I felt like I’d give up if I took a day off. Yesterday, when I got home my first thought was, “you don’t HAVE to do day 15 today…” I was doing EXACTLY what I was afraid of! The power of social media to the rescue, there was no way I wasn’t posting TWO days in a row! I’m so so SO proud that I did!

For those of you out there who AREN’T taking rest days, take it from me: my workout last night felt GOOD. I’ve never been able to say that before. I’ve said, “damn I worked hard, I feel good ABOUT myself.” But a workout has never felt good before. My body missed it! So… moral of the story, next rest day – I’ll probably allow it.


2 thoughts on “Day Fifteen

  1. onomatopoeicbliss says:

    You Go {rest when you need to} Gurl!

    I did your bottom pic stretch the last two nights in a row. Amazed.I.Was.

    And if your rest day brought you out swinging – for NASM cert – then it’s all good! Have a Great WeekEnd😁


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