Painted Wine Glass

Painted Wine Glass

If you haven’t realized it yet, I like a good adult beverage from time to time… and the time is usually always. I ESPECIALLY like to drink out of pretty things, and even MORE out of things with my name on it. I also enjoy cheese, friends, and now I sound like a dating add – long walks on the beach and must love dogs, in particular MY dog. Anyways, last Sunday some friends and I got together for cheese, wine, and crafting. Yes, it was perfect.

First of all – the wine and cheese party was a great idea. Who doesn’t love wine and cheese? I like how she hosted it too – everyone brought one wine/cider/meed and a cheese to be paired with it. The host wasn’t spending ALL of her money, and there was PLENTY to go around.

I find painting REALLY relaxing – but painting on a canvas not so much. I like painting furniture, and now I like painting wine glasses. I think the bottom of my glass is where you can see the wine started kicking in.

She bought Martha Stewart Stencils and Martha Stewart Glass Paint and some dollar store wine glasses and we were off! I saw this (the picture below) on Pinterest a LONG time back and had been wanting to try to replicate it for a while. Theirs is certainly worlds better then mine, but I’m still happy with the way mine came out! I couldn’t find the original link otherwise I would certainly link it, if anyone knows it please send it my way – those wine glasses deserve some credit ey?


Anyways, even the people who weren’t so crafty definitely enjoyed themselves. I went out the next day and bought myself some glass paint and plan on trying again! Each glass paint has different directions – these say they’re dishwasher safe if you either let them sit for 21 days or bake them. Mines sitting now but I do plan on baking it when I have a moment.

Here is everyones final products!




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