Reasons you SHOULDN’T go to spin class


Another fun Facebook post:

Reason’s you SHOULDN’T go to spin class Friday at 6am:

– because feeling good about yourself takes a lot of effort.
– because you could spend that money on 3 coffees.
– because it’s dangerous in there – it must be… there’s a lot of yelling.
– because it may cause unwanted attention from how good you look.
– because the place is full of weirdos who love glitter and unicorns.
– because of all the good television is on at 6am.
– because just one more episode…
– because you haven’t shaved your legs.
– because your friend’s skipping it.

What’s your excuse not to workout?


One thought on “Reasons you SHOULDN’T go to spin class

  1. onomatopoeicbliss says:

    Wait!?! No one told me un-shaved legs were a viable reason to not workout!

    It’s all so clear now! I don’t have to hit the weights. I don’t have to stretch the unstretchable. And I don’t need to foam roll no more neither. I feel like I’ve been set free!!😁

    Maybe that last slice of pizza wasn’t such a good idea tonight. Or was it that last tequila. Hmmm.

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