Shoe love is true love.

No.1 Rule of a Lady: Keep your heels, head and standards high.:

It all started with this picture. I mean common, love.<3

I used to have one of those jobs where shoes made me feel better – hate your job? Buy the shoes. Lunch break TJMaxx trip? Sure! I’d love to tell you I learned my lesson, or I can admit I have too many, or I don’t buy shoes anymore, but let’s get real. I fucking love shoes.

So browsing Pinterest – I’m pretty sure this image is one of the first images I ever pinned. Sometimes you love something one day, and you’re glad it never came to fruition because fast forward it’s not your style anymore – this love never died. I knew someday I’d have pretty shelves to hold my pretty shoes – and along side them would be a quote by the true Queen Bee herself, Ms. Coco Chanel.

So when I got my Cricut up and running – after a couple test projects learning how to use the machine, the gorgeous baby was born.

I plan on painting… maybe glittering.. the shelves soon. But here is my beautiful wall of heaven.


Not pictured – the 4 shelves below it also stuffed with heels. Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw.

I found myself as I was getting ready for work this morning just sitting and staring at it – I’m like really really in love. They shelves were super cheap and easy.

  • 1 package dry wall anchors – $3.99
  • 2 Shelf tracks – $9.99 ea
  • 4 Shelves – $5.99 ea
  • 8 brackets – $1.89 ea

It took about an hour total to put about two years of paychecks on display 🙂

Here’s a better view of the whole room – I’m so in love ❤



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