1/15/15 Playlist

Yesterday I had a day… not the worst of days, but not the best of days either. But one of the beauties of being a spin instructor is getting to truly express yourself with music. Sometimes the playlists are just your basic pop/get you pumped up songs – but yesterday I NEEDED music. With a little mom therapy, a new blue tooth speaker, and some serious soul searching- I can honestly say that this might have been the most powerful class I’ve lead. The class sold out and the power in the room was just so huge. I mentioned in the beginning of the class a little about what was going on and how much I needed some spin therapy this morning – and they showed me SO much love. Was the playlist perfect? No. But what was perfect was the energy in the room. Today is a good day.

1/15 15 Playlist

I hope, while this list might not be for everyone – that if you do listen, that you listen the whole way through. I really tried to tell a story with each lyric and beat and I’m truly proud of this one.

  • My Body – Volbeat
  • Fake It – Seether
  • Riot – Three Days Grace
  • Dragula – Rob Zombie
  • Lone Ranger – Rachel Platten
  • Bring Me To Life – Evanesence
  • Greatest Show on Earth – Danika Portz
  • Changed the way you Kiss – Example
  • Storm Keeper – Two Steps From Hell
  • Bulletproof – La Roux
  • Strip Me – Natasha Bedingfield
  • Step Off – Kacey Musgraves
  • Stuttering – Fefe Dobson

Listen to it here: Spotify!






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