1/19/15 Playlist

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I love making playlists for other people – I’m a product of mixtapes and cassettes, what can I say. One of my regular students is going through a pretty tough break up right now, and no matter how strong she is, we can all use a little endorphin therapy, amiright? So this playlist is for her – a couple of her favs and a couple I thought she’d appreciate. 

I just have to throw this in  – if you chose to listen to one song on this playlist (especially if you’re an instructor), please choose Existence by Audiomachine. One of my favorite things to do when teaching is towards the end of the class, when everything hurts, is I’ll play a powerful instrumental song like this with all the lights off and use a couple inspiring mantras (i.e. you are beautiful, you are strong, you’re going to do more by 7am then most people will do all day – things of that nature) to kick that badassery back into gear. Works.Every.Time.

1/19/15 Playlist:

  • Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself – Jesse Glynne
  • You’re Gonna Go Far Kid – The Offspring
  • Walk This Way – Aerosmith
  • Black Betty – Ram Jam
  • I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons
  • Love Runs Out – OneRepublic
  • Piece of my Heart – Janis Joplin
  • Existence – Audiomachine
  • Don’t Funk With Me – Sanjoy, Benny Dayal
  • Drink You Away – Justin Timberlake
  • Whiskey In The Jar – Metallica
  • America’s Sweetheart  – Elle King

Listen to it here: Spotify!


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