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All of my class playlists, going ALL the way back to 4/3/14, are posted on my Spotify profile right after class! My profile is here: Meira’s Spotify!

It’s so crazy to go back and watch the progression of my spin playlists and see how much I’ve grown and changed. I wish when I first started teaching that I had used Spotify and had kept ALL of them – THAT would be crazy. A lot of the same students come to all of my classes, so it’s really important to me to try and switch it up as much as possible, TRYING to not use the same song in back to back classes, and always trying to find new and unheard songs.

I have a lot of theme classes in there too – which at some point I’ll go back and label them “90s,” “movie themes,” “Halloween” etc.. – but for the most part you can tell if it’s a theme class by just looking at the first couple songs.

So enjoy – I hope you’re able to use them, or inspiration from them, in your classes!

On a side note – if anyone read this far – I’m looking for “around the world” music. I have a lot of celtic and middle eastern music I love, but I’m looking to make a great Around the World playlist for a spin coming up – so any song suggestions I would LOVE!




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