2/2/16 Playlist

Yes, that’s me and Brad Paisley.

Whoops – I fell behind again. Hopefully if you’re following me on Spotify (follow me here – Meira’s Spotify) though you were still able to listen along!

So my story is kind of long winded – and probably the only person who’ll read the whole thing is my mom (Hi mom 🙂 )! But if you’re so inclined – I had a pretty cool week.

I’ve been in a music funk lately. I think I mentioned in my last post that I’ll usually find one song that can kind of get me through – I’ll literally build my playlist up to that moment when I get to hit the class with the new bad ass song I just found and blow their minds. It’s hard to tell a whole story in 45 minutes, and sometimes 45 minutes is WAY too long… lately it’s the ladder.

So anyways – I totally regret my choice in this playlist. I found a new song, the jackpot, the “one,” I was so excited… I just couldn’t control myself. So, I blew my load early (sorry mom) and used my “song”… first. It felt like SUCH a waste, the room just wasn’t ready for it. Womp womp. I also really wanted to have this Cam song in my playlist. My best friend works for a radio station and gets killer tickets and meet and great passes, and we got to meet Cam and Brad Paisley and STAND ON STAGE for the Brad show… it was insane. Anyways, to say I was coming off of a high from that concert is a total understatement. I also learned I had more country fans in my classes then I thought, so that was a win – I definitely plan on sneaking more twang into my lists going forward.

Excuse me while I photo brag for a moment:

Me and Brad Paisley

Our view FROM the stage

Us on stage with Brad right behind us!

That’s me on stage all the way to the left DURING the Brad Paisley concert ❤

With the adorable Cam Country (song #5 in this playlist)

So, that was my story – for no reason – about my playlist. While this one wasn’t my favorite “flow,” I think there’s some really good jams in there that I was able to use in the weeks to come.

2/2/16 Playlist:

  • Warriors – Ronan Hardiman (ugh… don’t use it first like I did please.)
  • Heading Home – Gryfin
  • Provocative – Brit Smith
  • Raise Hell – Sir the Baptist
  • Runaway Train – Cam
  • Stole the Show – Kygo
  • Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots
  • Sold (The Grundy County Auction) – John Michael Montgomery
  • POWER – Kanye West
  • PILLOWTALK – Zayn (I don’t get the hype over this song… yet. I’m sure I’ll love it tomorrow)
  • Broken Glass – Sia

Listen to it here: Spotify!


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