The B.O.S.S. Camp – Day One

So, how do you know you can’t do something unless you try – right? That’s the cliche “can-do” me talking, the actual me is more of the “ummm, you want me to do what?” kind of gal. So for a long time – my friend’s been asking me to do some sort of boot camp’esk type something or other. Now here’s the big problem, I’ve never been to a boot camp before – in fact, I’ve never really had a personal trainer before. Am I certified? Yes. Have I actually done it myself? Nope. So the idea of running a boot camp is great and all – except for what the fuck am I doing?

So after a couple martinis – we started talking about her boot camp wants and needs again. I don’t know what it is about gin that pretty much makes me the Tonya Harding of all things gym. I become this crazy, “oh yeah, how many push ups can you do – because I’m going to attempt to do 50 more than my best sober record” girl who usually wakes up hungover AND sore the next day. So, she goes: “want to run a boot camp?”, me: “fuck yeah!”. And so it begins…


One thing that I can be crazy neurotic about – which sometimes comes and handy, and sometimes is just what it is at face value: crazy neurotic – is organization. I’m not saying I’m a CLEAN person (my house will prove that), but paperwork, planning, and lists are my jam. So fast forward a couple hours of obsessing and The B.O.S.S. Camp was born – The Babes Owning Success, Squad Camp.


I don’t want to charge anyone yet – I need to “hone my craft” before I take anyone’s money. So these two girls are brave enough to let me yell at them and practice my timing until I feel comfortable. We met up at a local high school’s track, and honestly it went so much better than I could have even expected. They’re in different places in their fitness, but both were previous athletes who kind of “lost touch” with their fitness selves and wanted to jump back in.

This is what I had planned out (remember – organized!):


I changed up some stuff, based on how they were doing – but I’d say we stuck to 95% of this plan. The game was honestly really fun. They ended up doing stations 2-4, four times, and station one twice. The whole thing worked out so nicely, ending at about an hour and 10 minutes. The feedback was that they loved it, and were texting me the next day how sore they were.

So back to paragraph #1 – I’m SO GLAD I just went for it (thank you gin) – even though I was really nervous. Because honestly, it was SO FUN! Today is day two when I get out of work, and one of them said “I wish my core was more sore!” – she’s going to wish she didn’t say that 😉 One more friend is joining us today too!

Anyone have any drills that are more like games (for 2-4 people) – but that aren’t competitive in case people are at different points in their fitness?



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