3/4/16 Playlist

Ugh – I feel so crazy, like craaaay crazy. Thankfully I have the ability to turn the lights off in the spin room – but I kid you not I was like two seconds from crying this morning in class. My classes are getting bigger and bigger, and I sincerely feel spoiled… “they’re here… for me?” So this morning, the class sold out (22 people – holy crap, swoon ❤️ ) and we were in the second song doing our presses/push ups on the bike (do you all do those dancey moves on the bike or ride more of a traditional ride? – I like to think my class is more of a 45 minute, crack ass of dawn, dance party)… anyways, sorry I digress… so we’re doing our presses and everyone was so perfectly in unison. It was honestly just this like clouds parting, holy crap moment – they were all working so hard, under my direction, and KILLING IT – and I just got overwhelmed with gratitude and pride. Like, my little badass babies were doing SO GOOD! And then I got super sappy and turned the lights off before they saw me.

I also got by far the funniest AND best compliment I’ve seriously ever received today – someone compared me to the William Wallace speech in Braveheart (lol, I’m still laughing as I write this) – I mean common, THANK YOU!


Check this out – I usually get there about 25 minutes early to unlock/set everything up – there were a bunch of people there SUPER early waiting to claim their favorite bikes! I LOVE THEM!

Yes – thats Snapchat (I’m obesessed), follow me please and thank you? SN: mwainste

So it this, the adrenaline rush before a class is real – sleep? what the fuck is that?


I have to believe they know how grateful I am though – I sure hope they do. They seriously amaze me. I’m honored to train them, but THEY’RE the ones showing up every morning that don’t have to. As much as I teach this class because I choose to – I HAVE to be there; they sign up, get up, spend their hard earned money, and let me yell at them for 45 minutes.

Anyways – to the playlist!

3/4/16 Playlist:

  • My Body – Volbeat
  • Harmonica – BUNT
  • When We Were Young – Piero
  • Place On Earth – A-Trak
  • Shake The Ground – Hedegaard
  • Hurricane – Halsey
  • Only Human – Example
  • Hey Mana – David Guetta
  • History – Lauren Alaina
  • Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots
  • The Glorious Ones – Epic Soul Factory
  • Hello – Martin Solveig
  • Headphones – Matt Nathanson
  • Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy

Listen to it here: Spotify!


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