Spring in my step… or boot

This is my new front door “wreath” – isn’t she pretty?!

Yesterday was 75 degrees – let me repeat, March 9th was SEVENTY FIVE DEGREES! Seasonal depression is so real, and sometimes you really don’t realize it until you hear the birds chirping again. I didn’t even realize I was in a creative funk until all the sudden the sun popped out and it was like need to create just TOOK OVER!

My day job is pretty damn cool – I design kitchens and look at pretty colors all day, and it’s quite wonderful. The other part of my job is doing their social media – aka finding cool house projects and posting them. What do I do in my spare time? Live on Pinterest. What do I do for work? Live on Pinterest. Sounds great, until all day I can’t wait to leave because I JUST WANT TO DO PROJECTS!

So I came across this article that I posted on my work’s Facebook.

Install a metal grommet on the back of each rain boot. Loop a piece of burlap ribbon through grommets. Place a 3-inch-wide cylindrical vase in both boot heels; stabilize with tissue paper if needed. Fill vase with water and seasonal blooms. (We used a mix of hydrangeas and daisies.) Tie ends of ribbon together and hang on a nail. More from Country Living: • This Is the Most Beautiful Ribbon Made in America • Craft a Pretty Ruffled Wreath from Duct Tape • Watch and Learn How to Make a Floral Wreath

I couldn’t get this image out of my head! But I also… use my rain boots. So I scoured thrift stores – I KNEW I could get super cheap rain boots, especially since they didn’t need to be my size… but there was one dilema – since when are polka dot rain boots everything? Seriously polka dots – everywhere.

Fast forward – I clearly found the perfect (to me) boots. They were $2 little kid boots (I think the smaller size fit better for my door anyways), and they are glorious. I had some fake flowers left over from some spring decor from last year that I didn’t plan on using again, tied them together with some twine, and voila! On that note though, does anyone else seriously horde fake flowers? I swear every time I go to Michael’s I’m buying more… even though I have no place to put them.

But that was it. I gave myself a giant pat on the back – I’m in love. This took me a whole 2 seconds (minus a couple weeks of hunting for the right boots), and I like it more then things that take me days! I even got an, “I like it,” from the boyfriend… which is a big deal since his idea of decor is posters hung with duck tape and neon signs.

What’s hanging on your front door?




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