3/11/16 Playlist

IMG_0226 (2)

There are two ways to spell FEAR – “Face Everything And Run,” or “Face Everything And Rise.”

Today’s class felt so – so… can I say perfect? Yesterday I really didn’t feel like making a playlist, sometimes it’s just more of a chore than other days. All I’ve wanted to do since it got warm out is craft everything and anything – so pretty much it’s hot glue over playlists right now. Yesterday after work (I should have just made the playlist at work – but I was too busy on Pinterest planning my next crafts) I came home – painted a new workout shirt, sewed a pillow (more on this in another post!), posted a table on craigslist, and then all of the sudden it was 8pm and I had no playlist for a class that was already sold out in the morning. #fuck

IMG_0228 (2)

So first this happened – class sold out!

IMG_0229 (2)

And then THIS! I got a message from someone that they missed the sign up – so I opted to teach from the floor so she could ride the teachers bike! Ok… now it’s really time to make my playlist…

This happens more then I’d like to admit. I’ll have songs saved that I think I want to use, but they’re in no particular order and there’s more work that needs to be done than I’m willing to admit. So I started planning my playlist at 8pm, begrudgingly, and I swear it just magically came together… the perfect songs were coming up in my searches – they flowed so nicely, it was definitely a high energy playlist, with a nice cry at the end – perfect.

IMG_0230 (2)

Life’s always good when I get to see this beauty in the morning!

So based on the photo below – I’d say the class went pretty well 😉 Truthfully though, mid class, you always know when it’s right or not. First song out of the gate I could tell we were going to have a good class – plus I had two cups of coffee and my pre workout! Muahaha

IMG_0227 (2)

Dun dununahhhhh – drum roll… I bring you, my new favorite playlist:

3/11/16 Playlist:

  • Surrender – Cash Cash
  • The Build – Jake Sgarlato
  • Juicy Wiggle – Redfoo
  • My House – Flo Rida
  • Let You Go – Chainsmokers
  • Too Original – Major Lazer
  • NO – Meghan Trainor
  • Work From Home – Fifth Harmony
  • Move Your Body – Sia
  • Die a Happy Man – Nelly
  • Time of Our Lives – Pitbull
  • Interlude for final hill – trying something new, it worked.
  • Rise Up – Andra Day ❤
  • The Lion’s Heart – Audiomachine

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