About the Challenge – June

Day One ♥ Day Two ♥ Day Three ♥ Day Four ♥ Day Five

Day six ♥ Day Seven ♥ Day Eight ♥ Day Nine ♥ Day Ten

Day Eleven ♥ Day Twelve ♥ Day Thirteen ♥ Day Fourteen ♥ Day Fifteen

 Day Sixteen ♥ Day Seventeen ♥ Day Eighteen ♥ Day Nineteen

“I’m going to work out all week” she said. “I’m going to do a pushups challenge” she said. Come day 7, I wouldn’t say I’m a quitter, I’m a forgetter. I’m going to post my progress here to keep me on track, can’t miss a day if it’s public right?!

I’m currently doing three separate challenges, all rolled into one.

The Blogilates Beginners Calendar: This is the one I keep “forgetting.” There was this one time I made it to day 15, and I kid you not that was the strongest my bodies been in years. I was targeting areas I never did before while continuing my regular fitness routine. I wish I never quit, but I also wish I had a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, so we can’t win ’em all. You can find the calendar here: Blogilates Beginners Calendar

I’m also doing The Stretch Project, also hosted by Blogilates. Every day I will be posting a pose from this calendar – the trick is to hold the pose for AT LEAST 30 seconds: #thestrechproject

Lastly, I’m doing 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. Flexibility is something I’m missing in my life, but desperately want. I WILL get my feet on the ground while doing downward dog. She sends you a new YouTube video to do everyday, ranging anywhere between 15-30 minutes. Check it out here: 30 Days of Yoga


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