Truth is, I always thought I’d be  “blogger.” Well, I should rephrase that, I always WANTED to be a blogger.

Some of you may remember my Hire Me Not blog from when I was in staffing, but it got old, and I got a new job… so, clearly that was a fail. Although it was super fun to write, and I have some hilarious stories from it that are now forever on the interweb to never be forgotten.


This blog however is much more me. It combines my three greatest loves – minus my dog, and family, and friends and you know… lots of other things: crafting, spinning and food.

I teach a spin class at Burning Heart Studio in Greenfield, MA, it’s literally my favorite thing. For the most part my classes start at 6am, and there’s absolutely nothing else that could possibly, with this much excitement, get me up that early every morning. I remember the first class I attended so clearly. Little tid-bit about me: I HATE, like loathe, cardio. I do it, because I know I should, but when people talk about that “runners high” I assume they’re lying. Assuming I would hate spin too, I went kicking and screaming. I was in love instantly. Who knew, fun cardio? Fast forward years later and you can find me on that front bike screaming at you until you love it too!


I’m am always being asked “what was that song?” or “can you post your spin list”. So that was the initial inspiration for this blog.


Sometimes I get crafty, sometimes I cook – if I could turn recreating my Pinterest board into a full time job, well that’s the dream. My life is full of some Pinterest Successes, and many more fails. August 15, 2016 will go down as the day I went vegan – but it was not easy whatsoever, especially since cooking has never been my forte. When you go vegan, you better be prepared to spend time in the kitchen. So in addition to my crafty things, I wanted to share with you the truly easy vegan recipes that even I can master.

So combining most of my loves, comes SPINterest Success!

P.S. this is my dog – because let’s be honest, who cares about the rest.



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