Day Seven


Day Seven:

Woof, made it. So normally, today I quit. I’ve made it to day seven MANY times… making it past day seven literally for some reason is just where I crumble. I think it’s because I usually start on a Monday. That first week is always rough, but you get through it because you still feel like “I got this, I told myself ‘this time.'” The first weekend is the HARDEST – finding time, not having one to many cocktails, too many fun things to do to have fitness get in the way, right?

Posting my progress is the change I needed. Call it vein, but there’s something about someone “liking” your fitness post that makes you think “oh yeah, you liked that? Watch this!” At least for me. The Blogilates community is just amazing. They’re there to like, comment, and share your success – which I know you’re lying if you say that doesn’t feel good.

So today on the Blogilates calendar it’s supposed to be your rest day – hell no. I hear rest day and think “freeeeedommm!” And then it’s all over from there. I did the first beginners video because so far it feels like the most “total body” workout. Then also did day 6 (remember a day behind) of Yoga with Adriene – and completed it with the pose you see about for #thestretchproject.

So, here we go. I’m officially further then I’ve gotten before. I work out, but have never followed a schedule before – so this feels pretty epic. Truthfully, I feel more dedicated to this challenge then I have to my fitness goals, ever. Doing these three calendars has helped me improve my diet, I’m sleeping better, my back hurts less – I think because my core is stronger, and I put two more spin classes a week on my schedule because I’m enjoying this feeling so much. Sooo…. I think you could say it’s working.


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